Chapter 5: Living Systems Live in a Competitive Environment

In nature, life typically finds itself in a competitive male dominated environment with other living systems. In this environment, each life force needs to compete and find its own niche, or it will perish. Competition exists between members of the same species, and between different species. This competition promotes evolution, the organism with the better fit for its environment survives. This process shapes these webs of relationships. This competitive environment and web of relationships also occurs in our economy.

By working together, living systems can function as a unit. This is how a healthy family, community, company, or institution operates. A super-organism is created, allowing it to better compete in its environment. This super-organism develops a control center that functions as a nucleus or brain. This nucleus wants to control and integrate with the other living systems in its sphere of influence, creating a female environment of care and integration. In this super-organism, we find webs of living systems nested within webs of living systems.

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