Chapter 12: Family – Super-Organism

A healthy family functions like a single organism, carrying out all the functions of life. Creating a stable environment for life to grow and develop. The shell of the family is its dwelling, offering protection in a controlled setting. Inside is the domain of the mother and outside is the domain of the father. The mother and father teach their offspring the needed skills to survive, grow and develop, allowing them to carry life forward to future generations.

Family is the perfect vehicle for dealing with the challenges of life. Mother and father raise their children, immersing them in an environment of love and care. They teach their children their values, what is important. The family teaches both male and female qualities, that are essential to life. Today, many children grow up in families where one or both parents are not present on a typical day, due to divorce or both parents working. How are these children going to learn their way, without the needed guidance and life experiences?

Think about the nurturing environment that is needed for a child to develop its full potential. When you look at a young child what do you see? You see a new life force trying to understand its environment and how to act within it. They are like sponges, sucking in all their experiences, helping them develop an understanding of what their world is all about. Being immersed in one's environment, with guides (parents), is the best way to learn the needed life skills to survive.

Below is a diagram of a family. It looks like they are on a vehicle, travelling through their environment. The father is looking out into the world for risks and opportunities, while the mother is caring for the family. This seems to be the perfect super-organism for perpetuating human life into the future.

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