Chapter 3:  Can Biology Help Us Find Our Way?

Living systems are aware of what is going on in both their internal and external environments. Along with sensing mechanisms, living systems have developed a processing center to make sense out of all the information that is coming in from its environment. This type of sensing and processes system has a brain like function.<

Living systems try to protect themselves from the outside world, including from other living systems that may want to do it harm. It also senses its environment to find needed resources so it can grow, develop, and reproduce. This awareness is a probing process that looks to determine what kind of environment it is in, and then what its response should be. Does it find itself in a hostile environment or a friendly integrative environment? Based on its needs, life forces can respond with male or female qualities, aggression or care.

A human brain can focus on its thoughts, its own body, others, or the greater environment. It can watch out for opportunities and threats. It can focus on integrating itself with other life forces, creating a super-organism, such as a family, community, company, or institution, or it can isolate itself as an independent living system. Based on our experiences in the world we create a view of how the world works, based on this view we respond with what we think is appropriate.

The human brain has evolved over our 4-billion-year journey. The brain is made up of several networks that co-process information, many of these networks are not consciously being controlled. So, who is in control of our life force? Are we in control, or is the environment controlling us though our biology?

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